Malware-Laden Apps Pulled From Apple's iOS App Store
Apple's App Store is generally thought to be more secure than Google Play, thanks to Cupertino's rigorous approval process. But it appears that some scammers managed to worm their way in.
Several cyber security firms discovered the malicious XcodeGhost program embedded in numerous authentic iOS apps. According to Palo Alto Networks, about 40 apps were infected, including instant messaging services, banking apps, mobile carrier apps, maps, stock trading apps, SNS apps, and games. A number are from China, including Tencent'sWeChat, NetEase music app, and DidiKuaidi'sUber-like car-hailing service, though others—like business card scanner CamCard—are available internationally. Source: pcmag Website

Custom 3-D Printed Video Game Figurines In Amazon 3-D Store
The most recent addition to the Amazon 3-D Printing Store is this: You can customize a character or object from a video game and get it 3-D printed. I’m sure more games will follow, but they opened for business on Amazon with World of Tanks, Infinity Blade, and SMITE. These are not my usual realms, but with this recent announcement I had to gently wade into the world of gaming. Hats off to my fellow Forbes contributors, Erik Kain, Paul Tassi, and David Thier, who cover gaming regularly and who might want one of these novelties for their own shelves.
Source: forbes Website

Project Spark game creation tool goes completely free as Microsoft unlocks DLC
Microsoft may be dimming the lights on Project Spark, the free game creation tool it launched on Windows and Xbox last year. The company will stop creating additional content, and is “moving away from ‘active’ development,” according to one of the team members. On October 5, Project Spark’s downloadable content store will disappear, and all existing releases will become free. (Anyone who purchased content on or after July 28 will get a refund in Microsoft Store credit.)
Source: pcworld Website

Nvidia GeForce Now aims to be the 'Netflix of games' for just 8 bucks a month
Nvidia on Wednesday laid out its plans to become the “Netflix of games,” with a new streaming service for its line of Shield devices that will cost $8 and starts with a three-month free trial. Called GeForce Now, the service lets players stream from a library of games to the company’s Shield console, the Shield Tablet or Shield Portable gaming units. The company said gamers can click on a title, and instead of the usual download chore of gigabytes, it can be played immediately.
Source: pcworld Website

The good, the bad, and the 'wut?' of the new European PlayStation Gear store
The PlayStation Gear store opened its digital doors across the UK and 16 other countries in Europe today, and you may find yourself wondering: "What sort of PlayStation-branded and video game-themed merch is available to purchase, and of those, what will allow me to retain my dignity?" Friends, I am here to help. I've scoured the shelves and come back with a hearty list of what to consider adding to your cart, what to avoid like the Yharnam plague, and a few oddballs that honestly, I'm not sure how to feel about. Click through the gallery above to see what's on sale, stranger.
Source: gamesradar Website